sadoer charming enriching firming buttocks cream

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Made In Thailand
Weight : 60 gm

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ROREC SADOER Enriching Firming Butt Cream Shape The Plump Butt Improve Rough Dull Sitting Marks Cream
Product Efficacy:
The texture of the soft cream is easy to absorb. With the massage technique, it moisturizes and protects the buttocks, firming the buttocks, improving the flat and rough buttocks, increasing the elasticity of the buttocks, and creating an attractive buttocks curve.
How to use:
After cleansing the skin, take an appropriate amount of this product and apply it to the buttocks skin, gently massage until absorbed.
As everyones skin type is different, it is recommended testing it at skin behind your ear
If irritation, skin hurts, injury or skin rashes develop, please do not use it and consult doctor.
Stop using it immediately and seek help from a dermatologist in case of any allergic reactions.
If the product accidentally splashes into eyes, rinse your eyes immediately.

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Event of Health issues to Contact the Supplier or ask for a Doctors Recommendation Before Ordering.

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