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Promotes lymph circulation and fat burning while smoothing skin with cellulite problem.
Promote metabolism, rapid decomposition of the body’s surplus to be excreted from the body. With its fast strong slimming and skin care.
It can help you open skin pores to improve blood circulation and speed up metabolism, and effectively help reduce the appearance of saggy skin due to lack of water, fatigue, weight loss and aging.
It helps to lose excess water weight and burn fat faster, so as to enhance your workout. An ideal training tool for men and women who want to burn belly and tummy fat.
No harmful chemicals, no skin irritation.
Thighs massage method:
Step 1: Both hands alternately along the medical or lateral thigh, massage from the ankle to the groin chair. Massage both left and right legs repeatedly for 30 times.
Step 2: Just like wrapping the towel, both hands press firmly on the thigh fat to massage both the left and right legs repeatedly for 30 times.
Step 3: Alternately hitting both hands on the thigh fat to massage both the left and right legs repeatedly for 30 times.
Abdominal massage method:
Step 1: Take the eyes of the abdomen as the middle and draw a question mark on the abdomen, and massage along the direction of the question mark on both sides for 30 times.
Step 2: Place both hands on the abdomen, then use the pulp to massage vigorously from the lower torso all the way to the area under the stomach for 30 times.
Step 3: Use both hands to massage from the lower leg, along the ribs, to the lateral side of the body for 30 times.

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