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Grenason Ointment is the best treatment for hemorrhoids and anal fissures .

Grenason for the treatment of burns and hemorrhoids
Grenason orange hemorrhoid cream ingredients
What are the uses of Grenason?
Greenason for warts Greenason and cracked feet
Greenason for hemorrhoids
Greenasone for fistula
greenson for burns
Greenason for wounds
Greenason for the face
greenson foot nail

Grenason, the orange hemorrhoid cream, is an effective cream for the treatment of hemorrhoids and fissures. It is considered among the treatments that are used in cases suffering from hemorrhoids. It also has many different and many other uses, as it treats some infections and burns of all kinds, as well as the appearance of boils and many more. Skin problems and multiple wounds that many people are exposed to, and then we will learn about Greenason and how to use it as well as its benefits and many information related to this drug.

How to use :
The area is washed well with lukewarm water, and it is preferable for the patient to sit in the water for long enough, after that an amount of ointment is taken and it is applied to the affected area directly, 3 times a day, and it is preferable to apply the treatment at night before bedtime .
Warnings :
There are a few caveats to watch when using the Grenason Ointment
It is like most treatments that show side effects when they are overused, or use the ointment for a long time without medical supervision, and among those complications is the occurrence of skin irritation and inflammation, as it may cause swelling of the body, and often Grenason ointment .

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