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Organic Herbal Honey Royal Jelly For Marital Happiness

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Made in Malaysia
1 box of 24 sachets of 10 g

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The royal honey mixture is a tremendous energy source for building a healthy body and is the miracle in treating impotence and infertility.
product specification
Increases sexual desire.
Strengthens erection without feeling tired.
Enhances self-confidence due to stable sexual performance.
Increases testosterone levels.
Reduces prostate problems and diseases in the reproductive system of men.
Increased sexual desire in men.
It strengthens the erection.
Increase the number and strength of sperm.
Delayed ejaculation.
Helps reduce sexual performance anxiety.
It stimulates the increase of natural testosterone in the body, which increases the body’s energy and stamina.
Good for athletes
Paramount Group produces the best honey product for men from royal honey, bee, royal jelly and pollen combined with natural herbs.
Paramount Group
Royal Miracle Honey Secret Perfume for men is made with love and a lot of care, to make your whole life the taste of honey….
Use 1 sachet every 3 days with warm milk or as needed.

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Event of Health issues to Contact the Supplier or ask for a Doctors Recommendation Before Ordering.

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