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Vip Miracle Leopard Honey For Man Power

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1 box 12 bags 15 gm

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Wonderful honey is an instant source of energy and strengthens a man’s vitality. This pure honey is made from a variety of rainforest herbs such as Asian ginseng and Tribulus terrestris. Many of us these days suffer from a stressful lifestyle that includes exhaustion and many physical and emotional struggles. The use of chemical stimulants has known harmful side effects and does not only mask and temporarily improve symptoms. Medicinal herbs are nature’s miracles that achieve incredible healing results by bringing the body back into balance.
Strengthen sexual energy
Delayed ejaculation
Marital happiness
good for health

consequences :

A wonderful surprise for you and your beloved partner that will completely change your sex life. All with a 100% natural product!


Flower honey, pollen, cinnamon, royal jelly, panax ginseng, tribulus terrestris, carob powder, kerola root.

Most men enjoy squeezing the contents into their mouths and consuming a pack after a meal, in addition to the wonderful natural honey who recommends drinking a glass or two of water after eating the pack. It may take 25-40 minutes to feel the effects of the wonderful honey. Timing varies depending on the individual’s circulatory system. Effects can last up to 48 hours

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Event of Health issues to Contact the Supplier or ask for a Doctors Recommendation Before Ordering.

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