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Breast Enhancer Cream With Natural Keratin

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Weight: 200 g

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Natural keratin breast implants naturally increases the size of your breasts without any side effects. The new, advanced formula based on natural keratin promotes female hormone secretion and supports breast cell growth. Contains a blend of amino acids, vitamins, lipids and plant extracts to improve breast elasticity. It also reverses the effects of aging and enhances breast elasticity
Within a month, the collagen is regenerated to generate stronger, more attractive curves. Easy to absorb, it may also help improve dry, rough and dark skin around the breast area, making the breasts thick, plump, delicate and smooth.
Usage: 1 Gently massage the cream over the entire breast surface from the base to the top.
2 Massage into the breast in a circular motion for 1-15 minutes, starting from the base under the breast, moving from the face up.
3 Repeat on the outside of the chest in the same circular motion. Apply until absorbed into the skin. Storage: Keep in a dry place:
Applicable to: congenital breast dysplasia after childbirth chest atrophy and other causes of flat chest, small chest, chest fall

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