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Kohl (Khor, Kohl, Kohl, Kohl) is a black substance used by the women of the Arabian Peninsula as eyeliner and eye shadow. Aside from making eyes appear brighter and larger, kohl was once thought to have value as protection against eye diseases. The blackness also controls the glare of the sun in the desert, and thus desert men and women use it alike.

how to use:

First rotate the plastic stick counterclockwise and pull it out from the tube of Rani Kohl (Kajal), then squeeze the tube from both sides with your fingers, then insert the plastic stick into the tube and rotate it counterclockwise and clockwise. Inside the tube pull the wand out of the tube and use the eyeliner to beautify your eyes.
Ahmed’s eyeliner benefits

Treats eye allergies and protects them from conjunctivitis.

It sterilizes sores and wounds in all its forms from dirt and contamination, by dispersing an appropriate amount of eyelid solution.

It works on hair growth and intensification and eliminates baldness of the scalp.

It helps in the growth of eyelashes and strengthens the follicles, which increases the beauty of the eye and protects it from sunlight and dust.

It strengthens the level of vision and works to increase it and thus relieves weakness quickly if mixed with a little musk, especially in old age.

It kills germs and parasites.

It has a significant role in protecting the eye from pollution and diseases that may be exposed to external environmental factors.

Treating intraocular wounds and stopping bleeding.

It treats the eye from external injuries and relieves its pain so that it is placed on it as a solution that eliminates the use of many medicines and drops that do not work.

It controls the amount of tears that come out of the eye and makes it within its normal limits, which facilitates the recovery from tearing disease easily.

Prevents cerebral palsy.

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