Rhinoceros Wonderful Honey For Man

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Rhinoceros Wonderful Honey For Man

Secret Wonderful Honey provides a natural way to O enhance male
sexsual performance and sex drive.lt should be taken orally once
hour after a meal, specially after dinner.For best results, use an
entire sachet and drink one or two glasses of water and wait
between 20-45 minutes before sexual activity.Results from one
sachet may last more then 24 hours.Product initial time to start
working and it’s overaleffectiveness will vary depending on
each individual’s body blood circulation, age, overallhealth.
Glucose Syrup 47%, Carob extract (Ceratonia Siliqua) 20%
Herbs 18% Ginseng ( Panax Ginseng root), Cinnamon barks,
Nettle seed, Tribulus Terrestris, Ferula Root (ferula elaeochytris),
Flower Honey % 15.
Take a sachet and squeeze in your mouth afer a meal, drink
two glasses of water and wait 20-45 minutes.
Do not take this supplementif you have a history of kidney
failure or disease, Heart patients with chronic hypertension
ischemia.Don’t give this product to children under 18 years old.
Don’t take this product if you are allergic to honey or any

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