Neobax Cream Formula Is Highly Effective In Delaying Ejaculation For Men

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Humdard Neobox Herbal Delay Cream for Men
Helps improve physical strength
Increases stamina
Strengthens the weak reproductive system
Also useful for premature ejaculation
Improve mood and increase libido naturally.
Lack of full growth of the genital organ due to the sufficiency of the sex hormone before and after puberty.
Loss of male potency and erection after excessive use or misuse due to ignorance
Defective regeneration of local tissues after local diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis, etc.
Sexual asthenia after prolonged illness of impotence.
how to use
The content of the tube is enough for 15 applications.
1/15 part of it should be gently massaged on the body of the organ from all sides (except for the glans) until completely absorbed by the tissues.
Neobax ingredients are absorbed transdermally through the skin of the penis allowing it to work quickly and effectively in increasing sexual potency and sensitivity.
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