Hamdard Jernide Syrup Musculine Weekness

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Made in Pakistan
Size: 120ml

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Hamard Description: An effective formula for relieving anaphylaxis of the male genitals. Genital hypersensitivity causes involuntary seminal discharge that eventually weakens certain muscles and nerves. Such type of nocturnal emission should not be neglected and treated immediately otherwise after some time it may lead to premature ejaculation or impotence. It helps to correct its functions, stop urination and stop seminal secretions. It effectively checks abnormal nocturnal emission, sperm injury and premature ejaculation. Glycyrrhiza glabra: checks seminal secretions and relieves shock sensation in urine. It also helps reduce inflammation. Useful in dysuria and abdominal edema due to urinary tract problems. It stimulates peristalsis by inhibiting the absorption of water and electrolytes in the large intestine, which increases the volume of intestinal contents, which leads to increased pressure and relieves constipation by normalizing intestinal function. It helps in relaxing the nearby male reproductive organs and thus reduces the chances of sperms infection and nocturnal emissions. Inflammation and pain: Indications that check all types of spermatozoa, excessive nocturnal emission from excessive sexual arousal and the wrong habits and actions of young men. Jemide not only stops all of the above complaints, but also checks for mimics of the prostate gland and hypersensitivity of the genitals. Dosage: 1 teaspoon twice daily after each meal or 2 teaspoons at bedtime or as directed by a physician.

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