Gold Q7 Honey Love Energy For Unisex

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made in Turkey
Size: 240g

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Lust also increases libido and libido, please be indulgent by sharing honey with your partner, make him happy in bed. Make him feel like the king of the jungle as it increases sexual arousal. Stronger orgasms and ability to perform after orgasm. Although increased confidence.
It helps to achieve a strong male erection, increases sperm count and gives absolute results.
It improves premature ejaculation and delays ejaculation.
Encourage and increase sexual power, so that you will be happier.
Extend your erection time so you can enjoy more
Helps to increase the number of intercourse
Also effects on women:
It was proven in just 45 minutes.
The tightening of the vagina helps reduce fear and anxiety.
Reduces mucus.
It increases sexual desire in women, so it makes them happier.
Increased estrogen secretion to aid in sex.
It increases the sensitivity of the G-spot by the way and makes it more fun
How to use Q7 honey:
You can take 1 salam a day, so it should be used 2 hours before a meal or after a meal by the way until it takes up to 30 minutes to feel the effect.

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