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Black Horse Vip Vital Honey For Men

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Made in malaysia
1 box 12 sachets 10 gm

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  • pure honey 93%

  • radix eurycoma longifolia 3%

  • radix panax glinseng 2%

  • royal jeiiy 2%  

  • You can now get high sexual strength and high physical activity only by consuming a sachet of vip Horse Honey, as it works to strengthen the sexual relationship, strengthens the erection, and treats fertility problems and premature ejaculation problems.

  • Fit for exercise enthusiasts and others and very beneficial for physical activity and general health.

  • Guaranteed and very effective result, tried by many and proven effective that it lasts up to 3 days.

  • Very safe and has no side effects.

Vital honey

  • is a pure natural product used as body booster and relief 100% natural food supplement for men thi product

  • is free from any kind of preservatives as it does  not eontain any coloring

  • keep this product in a cold and dry place

  • keep away from children

recommended use

  • Take a sachet of honey on a cup of water or juice two hours after eating or on an empty stomach, then take effect within 30 minutes.

1 sachet every 3 days                                                                                              #blackhorsehoney #honeyformen #vitalhoney #vipvitalhoney #originalsexualhoney #originalsexualhoney #originalblackhorsehoney


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Event of Health issues to Contact the Supplier or ask for a Doctors Recommendation Before Ordering.

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