Bioaqua Rice Raw Pulp Cleanser Added Rice Extract

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Bioaqua Rice Raw Pulp Cleanser Added Rice Extract
Bioaqua Face Cleanser – As A Girl, Skin Problems Should Be The Part That We Should Focus On Taking Care Of. The Products In This Store Will Help To Improve Dull And Rough Skin, And Allow Them To Accumulate Dirt Due To Makeup, Air Pollution And Other Problems, So That They Can Be Thoroughly Cleaned. Let The Mms No Longer Be Troubled By The Makeup Floating Powder And Make You More Confident!
The Ingredients Extracted From The Pure Rice Pulp Of The Facial Cleanser Can Help Balance The Oil Secretion Of The Skin More Effectively, And It Will Be Refreshing And Not Oily After Washing! Let Every Pore Breathe Well ~ Real Healthy Skin Starts Now!
Product Name: Rice Facial Cleanser Rice Raw Pulp
Packing Specification: Net 100g
Storage Method: Dry And Cool Place
Precautions: Please Use It Within 6 Months (After Opening) Before The Date Of Use~
How To Use:
Use Every Morning And Evening, Take An Appropriate Amount Of Water And Knead The Lather, Then Gently Massage The Face In Circular Motions For A While And Then Wash It Off With Water And Dry The Skin With A Face Towel.
Care And Safety Advice:
1. Before Use, It Is Recommended To Try It On The Skin Behind Ear, If You Feel Unwell, Please Stop Using.
2. Not For Use By Children Under Three Years Of Age.
3. Please Keep It In A Cool Place, Avoid High Temperature And Direct Sunlight.

4. Please Keep It Out Of Reach Of Children
Bioaqua Rice Raw Face Pulp Cleanser
Bioaqua Product In Uae
Weight 100 Gm

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